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It’s the season to be jolly.. fa la la la la la la la la..
December 27, 2009

In 2009 we got to have around 15 shows. Not too many, but not too bad either for a self-managed band. We got to be part of some great shows and got to meet some very awesome people. Some highlights this year were Frizon 09, Sweden Rock who invited us a second time round and Germany, which seems to becoming our second home musically.

We also got to work and meet with some great people in Germany. The dedicated crew at Tin Roof Studio in Stuttgart, the talented band Sacrety and also the crazy girls from Kill Her First. Not to mention our new booking agent also. 🙂

This year has been an eye opener to us. We’ve realised how bad we want what we want. And what do we really want? Well.. from my point of view… I want people to become part of our music. We’re all human, and have one thing in common. Emotions. We all feel the same way. And I’m sure that if I go through some rough patch in my life, there’s someone out there who can relate to me. The songs I write are either about me or about someone else I know. They’re real.. to the core.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this. Thanks to all of you who have supported and believed in our music. You’re the ones that make it worth while. With no crowd there’d be no music, and with no music there’d be no crowd. So thanks to all the great people we met in 2009, and to all of you who have come out to our shows. We look forward to seeing you again in 2010 and we promise that next year will be even better than this year. More shows, more songs and more passion for what we absolutely love doing.

Happy New Year.


Christmas coming up and songwriting
December 13, 2009

Since its christmas time and we had an intense period with our Germany trip and our few gigs here in Sweden after that, we have been quite chilled the last couple of weeks.. Frankly, we havent even rehearsed since our Höganäs gig a bit more than a week ago… and thats a lot for us!

Instead, we have spent time on new songs, wrestling with our regular Pop vs. Metal influences in our music 🙂 Think some good stuff has come from both of the principal song writers of the band, the girls!

Germany bookings!
December 2, 2009

We now officially have a booking agent in Germany! He will be hooking us up with shows in Germany, as well as Switzerland and Austria.  He’s a great contact that we’ve made through our producer at Tin Roof Studio. Scarlet Drop has already been in Germany twice over the last 6 months, and hopefully with our new booking agent we can be in Germany again soon!

So if you’re a festival or concert organizer or someone who’d like to see us play live in Germany please contact our booker Johannes Radtke at

Hopefully this is one door that will open many others..

. ..