Competition in February!

2 years ago we took part in local music contest, a battle-of-the-bands type event called Popkorn. This year we decided to give it another shot! Or rather, we thought it would be an interesting opportunity to play in our hometown, not so much caring that its actually a competition…

Competing in music is always a bit dodgy in my opinion. Beauty is so much in the eye of the beholder that it is hard to compare bands to each other in that way.. Especially when its a mix of styles!

I’m a very competitive person, but when it comes to these competitions the regular sweat and blood is swapped with having a good time and meeting new people. I’m not fully pro to the system of this competition. One band goes through the next round via the audience and another band via the jury. I understand the concept behind it, but I don’t fully agree with it. The reasoning behind the audience vote is to obviously to attract people to come
to the show, but it’s not fair on the bands competing. Basically the band with the most friends or fans will go through via the audience vote, and since the jury picks “the best band” of the night, that leaves “the second best” band in third place, since the majority of the audience doesn’t “really” pick who they think is best, rather who they’ve come to support regardless if they suck or rock.

I’m really not into this competition.. I’m more into the place! The tivoli has a kick sound and the lights are brill! Plus new people will be there and get to hear us live which is really what we’re all about! Playing live and having a
good time. If I take this competition too seriously  then it becomes a stressful and uncomfortable gig.. because I’ll be focusing too much on my performance, it destroys the fun. No.. this gig will be fun.. whatever happens happens.. I’ve set my attitude for it and I’m really looking forward to playing live again!


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