New Pedal!

Last week the band drove around 2 hours north to get to the little town of Gnosjö. We had a sweet little show. A nice organizer and enthusiastic new fans! We decided to stay the weekend up there since Simon’s folks live just an hour from where we played. It was a nice get away weekend from our regular monday to friday jobs!

Ok, so as usual the impulsive side of me took over. For starters, Graz and I have been talking about upgrading our rig [musician’s equipment] for a while now. We want easier ways to make travelling lighter… i.e.. the reason why we’ve  been discussing having pedals instead of all our effects in the guitar top, which is so bulky and heavy. So to cut a long  story short.. I went to a store and checked out a pedal board I’ve had my eyes on for a while. I read a bunch of reviews  before and checked some sounds online, but had never tried it. Within 30 mins, I purchased the long awaited pedal I’ve been wanting. And now I’m super excited to see the results for our live shows!

To get the real sound out of the pedal it should be plugged into a huge guitar cabinet [amplifier], but since we were at Simon’s folks, I made do with what I found.. or might I say.. GRAZ made do with what she found!

Check the linked video to know exactly what I’m talking about. 😛 Enjoy!


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