New music that inspires us!

These last days there have been 2 bands that I’ve listened to frequently. One is a new band here from Sweden that has merely released a demo, Dawn Arise! We actually played with them in Jönköping and although
I missed most of the show found them awesome, they re-kindled my interest in deathcore or whatever they call it these days 🙂
I think I enjoy listening because their sound reminds me of my 2 great discoveries when I grew up: Metal and Nintendo! (NES 8-bit, the old stuff 🙂
I have no idea if they are inspired by the soundtracks of videogames but I find the a lot of the melodious guitar part reminiscent of the melodies from Castlevania or something like that?
The second band would be Finntroll! with the folk-music influences… They use accordions and stuff combined with some form of black metal, lyrics about trolls, forests, primitive weapons, and Viking legend type stuff.  Yes, it is probably considered weird by most but to me that’s a good thing!

As for me. lately I have listened to and been inspired a lot by Dead By April, I discovered this band during our last trip to Germany and have been hooked ever since! Otherwise I listen to my regulars Symphony X, Narnia and David Phelps.

Lady Gaga is the fresh sound.. but she’s not a band.. and Simon would slap me for even mentioning this. 😛
Ok, ok, around 2 months ago my “little” 13 yr old brother dedicated a song to us. He encouraged us, and the song that filled him with inspiration was “You’re not alone” by band Saosin, which means small heart, as well as “be careful” in Chinese. Call me EMOtional, but I got chills when I heard the chorus. As I checked this post-hardcore band’s music on Spotify I fell in love with their sound. On first impressions they might sound like the other million bands out there, but I really like the aura that enhances their music. Not to mention, their lyrics are full of hope and life aspects.

*slaps leah* 🙂

My inspiration lately would have to be Fireflight.. I got hooked on their video blogs and took a big interest in them when I watched them on youtube on “front row live” , apparently someone uploaded the whole show in 11 videos… Now, the music in itself is pretty rock.. but there are some riffs I love and I love their stage performance… AND the bassist and guitarist are married which I thought was cool seeing simon and I are married =) Then my taste can twirl just like that and I could be very inspired by Lily Allen. Weird I know but good music is good music. “ I could say” is such a good song… but I always say, if were to play in a band that already exists and is awesome… it’s RED! They have the best combination of hard metal riffs and beautiful melodies.


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