Scarlet Drop is going to Egypt!

Hey guys!! I know I said on FACEBOOK we would do a video blog, but we figured watching us talk about it would bore you =)  EGYPT!!!!!!! We’ve had LOOOOOOOOOOADS of people asking us about this tour! How did you get it? Who did you contact? Why Egypt?  It all starts at Sweden Rock Festival where we met Massive Scar Era. They are the ONLY female metal band in Egypt and got to play at Sweden Rock a day before us =) They really liked us and wanted us to play in Egypt, but when we found out how much it was going to cost us to go there well we had to turn the opportunity down.. We don’t have that kinda money =(  Simon, however had a brilliant idea and gave a shot in contacting the Swedish Institute in Alexandria and asked them if maybe they would like to sponsor the trip? And to our surprise they weren’t only interested in sponsoring the trip but got inspired to create a festival that supports female artists! And we were like…wooooooaaaaaw! If you know anything of Egyptian culture you’ll know that this festival is an AWESOME thing. We‘ll be touring with our friends Fourever who are also from Sweden and we’ll be staying for a week and during this time we will be taking part in some workshops, a chance for us to encourage women in music and support them. And after the festival in Alexandria we’ll travel to Cairo to play at Al-sawy Culture Wheel.  We PROMISE to film everything and put an awesome documentary up on our YOUTUBE page =)


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  1. Cool! I wish you the best of luck and for you to give the Egytians an awesome show!

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