Pre-production recordings!

Spent a Saturday morning in our “studio”, and by studio i mean an extremely crummy band room and a computer that is at least 10 years old! 🙂

We are starting with “pre-production” of new recordings, that is, recording simple demo versions just to work out the the details of the song, and also to show our producers Daniel and Toby in Germany and get their input on the songs. We started of with Henrik’s drum tracks for two new songs, but I can’t wait for the actual recording in the future!

Last weekend it was time to start with the pre-production for our future recording. A number of test  recordings will be made to evaluate the songs and to see what we need to adjust and do better. This is a useful but also annoying process. What we previously thought was good might now be edited, and what previously seemed ok might now sound less good. It is with other words, useful but also difficult to record.

It feels like during my fifteen years as a drummer I’ve learnt a lot about recording. For me, the next studio recording will be my fourth, in addition to all the less recordings. Every time you learn something new, but there is always the challenge to playing correctly with the metronome and playing all the things that you want on the drums.

Finally, I think our new songs are our best ever, and therefore it will be exciting to see what you  all think of them when they’ll be released in spring/summer 2011. 🙂

Henrik on drums!

Simon co-working with him.

The very old computer that we use for our “crappy” recordings! *we all LOONG for our own little personal studio space one day in the future*

Leah behind the camera as usual.. 😛

Henrik is focused and concentrating!

and Henrik also thinks he’s tough! 😛


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