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October 19, 2010

Hey guys!

We’re so excited about our upcoming show,”Rock the North” in Leer Germany. We get to play with our friends from Sacrety and a cool American band The Letter black. The past 2 shows in Germany (Lauter and Sersheim) were awesome! We want to thank everyone who were involved in making them such great shows. A special thank you to Anton Hinterlach who subbed for Henrik, you’re an awesome drummer/performer and we wish you well with your band!

For more information about Rock The North go to

About the tee designs, there was a misunderstanding with what was what and we put the wrong ones up LOL! sorry about that. We’ll fix that problem right away and put the possible designs up soon. Our merch got sold out at our last show¬† and we’ve had a panic situation and had to design not only tees, but pins and somehow there was a mix up. This happens when everyone works, with an active band. Not easy I tell ya =)

Anyways, thanks for the support we love you guys and hope to meet you at one of our shows!