What happened in 2010.. and what’s coming up in 2011!

It’s been a while since we last wrote.. but I promise.. we’re alive and doing well!A very belated Happy New Year to you all!!! ^__^

2010 was a great year! We started out with a few small shows in Sweden, and we took part in Popkorn, a local battle of the bands, and made it to the finals. Great publicity and promotion!

The month of May took us to Egypt and that was an experience we’ll never forget! We witnessed some of the best crowds ever and the Egyptians were totally excited and hyped for our shows!! ROCK ON EGYPT! \ ,, / .. we hope to see you again soon…

2010 also brought to us our awesome booking manager Johannes Radtke! We love you man.. you’re the best!!

July took us to Berlin to share the stage with our very dear friends from Kill Her First, and in October we traveled to Germany another three times for some great shows that introduced us to some very amazing people!

Music + Message in Sersheim was out of the box.. our merch stand had people for 2 hours straight.. and we sold out everything and got to talk to many fans. Loved it! The people we lived with made our stay even better, and we look forward to being there again this October 9th, 2011 !!!!

Rock the North 2010 was a great experience! We met some wonderful people and made some new friends! Got interviewed by Walnut TV and met the very friendly members from American band The Letter Black, as well as the creative German boys from Kurfürst!

Our friend, Anton Hinterlach was our reserve drummer for two shows in Germany and we thought he did a great job! Two thumbs up Ant!

As for 2011.. we’re starting on some new songs tomorrow! AND.. get ready for the big stuff! A 10 day tour in Germany in April with our close friends Sacrety, as well as Freequency!  Book your dates now and be sure to take everyone you know with you!

We’ll also be playing at the Balinger festival with american bands like Spoken and Everyday Sunday! Keep yourselves posted on our myspace.

In the mean time.. keep in touch, spread the news and prepare yourselves for a good year!

/ Leah from SD


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