This is what we’re currently listening to, how about you?

– As I Lay Dying- Powerless Rise
A CD that I’ve been listening to recently is As I Lay Dying’s latest album. It is both heavy, brutal and melodic. I don’t usually listen to this type of metal but this band and this post is an exception. I love the drums, and the heavy guitars.

Nightwish-End of and era
Nigtwish are kings of melodic hard rock. End of era can be seen as the best they have made so far and I love the energy, the fat sound and strong melodies. Tarja’s vocals are of course also something that should not be forgotten.

– Stevie Wonder-Live at last
I can’t say that I have listened much to Stevie Wonder,  but after watching the DVD “Live at last” I was mindblown by what I saw. The extremely skilled musicians are a delight to listen to and the drummer’s solo parts makes me feel like newbie! It’s funny that a rocker can be surprised by other music than metal!

Albums.. For me the term is a bit archeological since i listen to music exclusively on mp3-players and streaming services.. So why then sort songs into packages of 10-15 songs? The only reason people are in the habit of doing that it used to be necessary to cram said songs into a disc of some sort.. In a few years, when CDs are completely gone, I don’t think anyone will be talking about albums.. Artists will probably will probably release songs continuously, a song every other month or so!

So my list of albums is not really so focused on albums:-)
The last couple of months I found Horse the Band and their lovely nintendo-core, which was right up my alley as both a nintendo 8-bit and hardcore aficionado! The albums vary in quality but i still listen to songs from all of them.

Also i need to mention crazy hard and weird band The Chariot.. Their weird music both confuses and amuses me! Finally, for those cozy nights at home.. I like Melody Gardot, with very soothing Norah Jones-type jazz. Hm.. Didnt even mention any album name.. Guess cause they are irrelevant! 🙂

The only time i actually plug in into my mp3 player is when I’m in the gym.

I find working out to Paramore’s latest album works.. at least the fast songs on it. All the slow songs i find somewhat distracting and i lose inspiration to keep up so as much as Careful, Ignornance and Brick by boring brick keep my tempo up i immmediatly go to Demon Hunter to the rescue and I have both Storm The Gates of Hell” and “Triptych” on there and by golly i’m loosing calories like nobodies business!!! BEST WORK OUT music EVER! I recommend it if you need a good boost! Otherwise the most I digest in a day and my friends it’s not by choice is MIX MEGAPOL, a local radio station here that plays Lady freakin Gaga to classics like Sting, Michael Jackson and Backstreet Boys.. so my poor music soul is listening to mainstream which is unhealthy if you play in a metal band. Don’t get me wrong, I do like mainstream music and I very music appreciate the art that goes behind it but I get sooooooooo friggin bored with the same hits overplayed it does my head in. But if this blog is about the music I digest lately… this is it!

I’ve been high on 3 albums lately! This is what’s been constantly on repeat on my spotify app!

In this moment – A Star-Crossed Wasteland (2010) >> Heavy guits, sexy vocals and screams, melodious!

Flyleaf- Memento Mori (2010)>> Passionate, brilliant lyrics and creative!

Straight Line Stitch- When Skies Wash Ashore (2008)>> Raw, brutal riffs, sick screams!


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