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It´s out!
September 8, 2011

The first to singles from our upcoming album are out! “This Is A Story” and “Just Watch Me” are songs that we have been playing live for some while and had the privilege to record earlier this year. They can be found on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Spotify and a slew of other online services now. We wont be making any hard copies, so anyone who wants the songs on CD will have to wait for sometime next year, when we plan to release a full length CD!




The past, the now and the new.
July 9, 2011

So here’s the deal.. this week we got the first mixes of our 2 singles.. and all I wanna do is show them to you guys! You’re gonna love them. The sound is somewhat different than the “broken wings EP”… you’ll know what I’m talking about when you hear them.. but it’s more in your face. They will be available to stream on Spotify and Last fm as well as available to buy on itunes and other online music stores. These 2 songs will only be available online for the time being.. no hard copy to buy.. you guys would have to wait until next year for a hard copy in hand when our very first full length album will be released! 😉

In the mean time we have had an official farewell party for our former drummer Henrik who we have played together with for 6 years.. at the same time we’re also in the process of trying out a new drummer this weekend. We’ll keep you posted with more. =)


Henrik’s son Ozzy attacking Leah! 


Graz and Baby Ozzy


Bye bye Henrik. 






12 hours!
May 27, 2011

This weekend we are playing at what seems like a small and cozy festival on the swedish countryside.. Finspång and the 12hours festival! You can see an interview in swedish here. Its the first gig after our amazing Germany/Austria tour so we are looking forward to being on stage again. And its the first gig without Henrik so we are going to do it with guest drummer Anton from Act Like This.

Getting ready for 7-show tour of Germany and Austria!
April 23, 2011

Finally we’re just a day away from going on tour! TOTALLY HYPED! it’s going to be a new experience for us in Scarlet Drop and we’re really excited to be with Sacrety and Frequency and sharing this whole experience with them. After the tour we will go to the Studio at TinRoof and record a single!!!! YAY a new song for you guys to hear on repeat till you hate it! =P We’re going to try upload videos while on tour. note the word “TRY” hehehe. Anyways we got to do a few more thigns before we fly out to Germany but really looking forward to being there and rockin out. Much love ❤

Balinger Rock Festival!
April 6, 2011

Last weekend we performed at one of our largest shows ever, in Balingen in the south of Germany with approx. 1200 in the crowd!

We had a really good time, save some technical problems that seem to haunt us whenever we need them the least! 😛 Also out travelling schedule was intense even compared to our own absurd standards but it was basically gig in sweden friday night, travel all night straight after show, interviews and another gig all saturday, travel back hom straight after gig again.. All in all i think we managed to sleep 6-8 hours those 2 days, most if it chopped up in 15 minute segments!

From our friends at WalnutTV, here is a video where we feature with both interviews, acoustic, and stage performance:

This is what we’re currently listening to, how about you?
January 29, 2011

– As I Lay Dying- Powerless Rise
A CD that I’ve been listening to recently is As I Lay Dying’s latest album. It is both heavy, brutal and melodic. I don’t usually listen to this type of metal but this band and this post is an exception. I love the drums, and the heavy guitars.

Nightwish-End of and era
Nigtwish are kings of melodic hard rock. End of era can be seen as the best they have made so far and I love the energy, the fat sound and strong melodies. Tarja’s vocals are of course also something that should not be forgotten.

– Stevie Wonder-Live at last
I can’t say that I have listened much to Stevie Wonder,  but after watching the DVD “Live at last” I was mindblown by what I saw. The extremely skilled musicians are a delight to listen to and the drummer’s solo parts makes me feel like newbie! It’s funny that a rocker can be surprised by other music than metal!

Albums.. For me the term is a bit archeological since i listen to music exclusively on mp3-players and streaming services.. So why then sort songs into packages of 10-15 songs? The only reason people are in the habit of doing that it used to be necessary to cram said songs into a disc of some sort.. In a few years, when CDs are completely gone, I don’t think anyone will be talking about albums.. Artists will probably will probably release songs continuously, a song every other month or so!

So my list of albums is not really so focused on albums:-)
The last couple of months I found Horse the Band and their lovely nintendo-core, which was right up my alley as both a nintendo 8-bit and hardcore aficionado! The albums vary in quality but i still listen to songs from all of them.

Also i need to mention crazy hard and weird band The Chariot.. Their weird music both confuses and amuses me! Finally, for those cozy nights at home.. I like Melody Gardot, with very soothing Norah Jones-type jazz. Hm.. Didnt even mention any album name.. Guess cause they are irrelevant! 🙂

The only time i actually plug in into my mp3 player is when I’m in the gym.

I find working out to Paramore’s latest album works.. at least the fast songs on it. All the slow songs i find somewhat distracting and i lose inspiration to keep up so as much as Careful, Ignornance and Brick by boring brick keep my tempo up i immmediatly go to Demon Hunter to the rescue and I have both Storm The Gates of Hell” and “Triptych” on there and by golly i’m loosing calories like nobodies business!!! BEST WORK OUT music EVER! I recommend it if you need a good boost! Otherwise the most I digest in a day and my friends it’s not by choice is MIX MEGAPOL, a local radio station here that plays Lady freakin Gaga to classics like Sting, Michael Jackson and Backstreet Boys.. so my poor music soul is listening to mainstream which is unhealthy if you play in a metal band. Don’t get me wrong, I do like mainstream music and I very music appreciate the art that goes behind it but I get sooooooooo friggin bored with the same hits overplayed it does my head in. But if this blog is about the music I digest lately… this is it!

I’ve been high on 3 albums lately! This is what’s been constantly on repeat on my spotify app!

In this moment – A Star-Crossed Wasteland (2010) >> Heavy guits, sexy vocals and screams, melodious!

Flyleaf- Memento Mori (2010)>> Passionate, brilliant lyrics and creative!

Straight Line Stitch- When Skies Wash Ashore (2008)>> Raw, brutal riffs, sick screams!

What happened in 2010.. and what’s coming up in 2011!
January 9, 2011

It’s been a while since we last wrote.. but I promise.. we’re alive and doing well!A very belated Happy New Year to you all!!! ^__^

2010 was a great year! We started out with a few small shows in Sweden, and we took part in Popkorn, a local battle of the bands, and made it to the finals. Great publicity and promotion!

The month of May took us to Egypt and that was an experience we’ll never forget! We witnessed some of the best crowds ever and the Egyptians were totally excited and hyped for our shows!! ROCK ON EGYPT! \ ,, / .. we hope to see you again soon…

2010 also brought to us our awesome booking manager Johannes Radtke! We love you man.. you’re the best!!

July took us to Berlin to share the stage with our very dear friends from Kill Her First, and in October we traveled to Germany another three times for some great shows that introduced us to some very amazing people!

Music + Message in Sersheim was out of the box.. our merch stand had people for 2 hours straight.. and we sold out everything and got to talk to many fans. Loved it! The people we lived with made our stay even better, and we look forward to being there again this October 9th, 2011 !!!!

Rock the North 2010 was a great experience! We met some wonderful people and made some new friends! Got interviewed by Walnut TV and met the very friendly members from American band The Letter Black, as well as the creative German boys from Kurfürst!

Our friend, Anton Hinterlach was our reserve drummer for two shows in Germany and we thought he did a great job! Two thumbs up Ant!

As for 2011.. we’re starting on some new songs tomorrow! AND.. get ready for the big stuff! A 10 day tour in Germany in April with our close friends Sacrety, as well as Freequency!  Book your dates now and be sure to take everyone you know with you!

We’ll also be playing at the Balinger festival with american bands like Spoken and Everyday Sunday! Keep yourselves posted on our myspace.

In the mean time.. keep in touch, spread the news and prepare yourselves for a good year!

/ Leah from SD

October 19, 2010

Hey guys!

We’re so excited about our upcoming show,”Rock the North” in Leer Germany. We get to play with our friends from Sacrety and a cool American band The Letter black. The past 2 shows in Germany (Lauter and Sersheim) were awesome! We want to thank everyone who were involved in making them such great shows. A special thank you to Anton Hinterlach who subbed for Henrik, you’re an awesome drummer/performer and we wish you well with your band!

For more information about Rock The North go to

About the tee designs, there was a misunderstanding with what was what and we put the wrong ones up LOL! sorry about that. We’ll fix that problem right away and put the possible designs up soon. Our merch got sold out at our last show  and we’ve had a panic situation and had to design not only tees, but pins and somehow there was a mix up. This happens when everyone works, with an active band. Not easy I tell ya =)

Anyways, thanks for the support we love you guys and hope to meet you at one of our shows!

Egypt video blog uploaded
September 7, 2010

It seems late to post a videoblog from may in september but thats how fast we are with video editing:-) This time we did it ourselves also, while previously we had a friend doing it…

Cool thing about this trip was that for once the footage was not 90% us sitting around in some car in Germany or Sweden talking to the camera about how bored we are 🙂 We actually did other stuff around the shows like visit the pyramids (of course) but also an improvised football game, shopping and swimming!

People there were amazing to us and the audience was amazing so we are so pleased we got to do this and hope to go back!

Pre-production recordings!
August 11, 2010

Spent a Saturday morning in our “studio”, and by studio i mean an extremely crummy band room and a computer that is at least 10 years old! 🙂

We are starting with “pre-production” of new recordings, that is, recording simple demo versions just to work out the the details of the song, and also to show our producers Daniel and Toby in Germany and get their input on the songs. We started of with Henrik’s drum tracks for two new songs, but I can’t wait for the actual recording in the future!

Last weekend it was time to start with the pre-production for our future recording. A number of test  recordings will be made to evaluate the songs and to see what we need to adjust and do better. This is a useful but also annoying process. What we previously thought was good might now be edited, and what previously seemed ok might now sound less good. It is with other words, useful but also difficult to record.

It feels like during my fifteen years as a drummer I’ve learnt a lot about recording. For me, the next studio recording will be my fourth, in addition to all the less recordings. Every time you learn something new, but there is always the challenge to playing correctly with the metronome and playing all the things that you want on the drums.

Finally, I think our new songs are our best ever, and therefore it will be exciting to see what you  all think of them when they’ll be released in spring/summer 2011. 🙂

Henrik on drums!

Simon co-working with him.

The very old computer that we use for our “crappy” recordings! *we all LOONG for our own little personal studio space one day in the future*

Leah behind the camera as usual.. 😛

Henrik is focused and concentrating!

and Henrik also thinks he’s tough! 😛