Pre-production recordings!

August 11, 2010 - Leave a Response

Spent a Saturday morning in our “studio”, and by studio i mean an extremely crummy band room and a computer that is at least 10 years old! 🙂

We are starting with “pre-production” of new recordings, that is, recording simple demo versions just to work out the the details of the song, and also to show our producers Daniel and Toby in Germany and get their input on the songs. We started of with Henrik’s drum tracks for two new songs, but I can’t wait for the actual recording in the future!

Last weekend it was time to start with the pre-production for our future recording. A number of test  recordings will be made to evaluate the songs and to see what we need to adjust and do better. This is a useful but also annoying process. What we previously thought was good might now be edited, and what previously seemed ok might now sound less good. It is with other words, useful but also difficult to record.

It feels like during my fifteen years as a drummer I’ve learnt a lot about recording. For me, the next studio recording will be my fourth, in addition to all the less recordings. Every time you learn something new, but there is always the challenge to playing correctly with the metronome and playing all the things that you want on the drums.

Finally, I think our new songs are our best ever, and therefore it will be exciting to see what you  all think of them when they’ll be released in spring/summer 2011. 🙂

Henrik on drums!

Simon co-working with him.

The very old computer that we use for our “crappy” recordings! *we all LOONG for our own little personal studio space one day in the future*

Leah behind the camera as usual.. 😛

Henrik is focused and concentrating!

and Henrik also thinks he’s tough! 😛


Germany Tour!

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Germany is hot! Yesterday it hit a crazy 40 degrees celsius! After our show in Gullbranna on Thursday  we went home and slept for 2 hours, woke up at 04.30 on friday and drove 12 hours to Saxstock! The festival was awesome! We met some great people and heard some awesome new bands! We lived in a farmhouse with a pool and Graz tested a firewood grill which was really exciting for her but we mostly chilled which we needed after our long trip. We met our awesome friends from the band Sacrety, who performed one awesome show!! And we look forward to seeing them again on our upcoming visit to Germany in oct/nov.

Yesterday we drove to Berlin and met up with  another favorite and close band of ours, Kill Her First! We got a personal tour of the venue we will be playing at tonight  which has featured bands like Alexis on fire, Eyes set to kill..etc. and then had a table booked at the best italian place in town! Other than that,  we finally get to eat Döner!!! So Henrik is super happy and we’ll be heading into the city to be tourists for a few hours before tonight’s show!! Here are some images.. 🙂

group pic with Sacrety 🙂

Gaby and Jana drinking chili oil lol...

Tobi our producer and Tobi from Sacrety

Matze and David from Sacrety

The Firewood grill at the farmhouse

The result and the consumer 🙂

Live at Saxstock

Egypt KNOWS how to rock!!

May 21, 2010 - 4 Responses

Our trip to Egypt was in many ways amazing. Lovely people, exciting culture, friendly people and above all a fantastic audience! Playing for such a faithful and energetic crowd was a pleasant experience. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the Egyptian public is by far the best I’ve encountered! I hope we’ll come back to Egypt to meet you all again.

If there’s one word to describe Egypt it would be ‘surprising’. The crazy traffic was surprising: NO TRAFFIC RULES whatsoever, I’ve never seen anything like it!  The heat was surprising: in Alexandria it was around 33°C but then we drive to Cairo and all of a sudden it’s 45°C; some crazy numbers considering it was May.. and last but not least the Egyptian fans were surprising!! Never in a million years would I have thought we’d get the response we did! The support was out of this world! By far the best crowd we’ve ever had! The adrenaline on stage kicks in even harder when you hear the crowd going wild, and the most important thing for us is that people are having a blast. That’s what makes it worth while! Thanks to Mascara and the Swedish Institute in Alexandria we managed to have a successful tour! The promotion for both shows was superb since the turn out was awesome!! Both crowds in Alexandria and Cairo were phenomenal, and to prove this.. we will shortly upload a video to show you how awesome you guys were! 😛

Egypt. Wow. Coming back it feels like there still a lot to process since it was such an eventful trip for us! The gigs in Alexandria and Cairo were both had amazing crowds, I could tell that the metal crowd there don’t get enough concerts, they seemed very “hungry” for some rock music and we were really happy to give them some! I wish we have had more time to hang with everyone at the show though! In Alex we could say hi to some and take loads of pictures but the police or guards or whoever they were seemed a bit jittery and made everyone leave the area before we had the chance to say hi to everyone who wanted..:-(
In Cairo it was even worse were they didn’t allow us to go out and meet the people because they feared our safety! LOL! While that made us feel a bit like real rockstars it was sad cause we love meeting the crowd after the shows.

OMG!! What an awesome experience!!! I only wish we were there in a better time and not during exam period! I know how sad most of you were to miss our show, that’s why I think we should come back! If everyone writes an email to the Swedish Institute of Alexandria and asks to bring us again… I’m sure we’ll be back!! =) hahahahaha…I’m sorry Cairo we didn’t get to meet you guys after, as Simon said, security didn’t allow it for our protection, we were really bummed. Meeting the fans is the second best part of playing live =) I want to thank our Egyptian fans for being so awesome, and soooo supportive! ALL of you shared some encouraging words on Facebook and it really made us soo happy. Thank you for believing in us! =)  Miss you guys x x x x

Getting some publicity for egypt

May 7, 2010 - One Response

Due to the upcoming Egypt mini-tour we have been getting some publicity as its a very unusual country to play in for rock bands!

Unfortunately for some of you its in Swedish:

Sweden Rock


We are expecting more to come!

Young Samuel

April 28, 2010 - One Response

It’s amazing how the negative things in life affect us. A situation that breaks us down, can also be the source of where we find some unexpected strength we thought we didn’t have. Sometimes these situations are what make me a better person. They make me stop and think how I can make the world a better place and how I can try take that negative situation and get some sort of good out of it.

One can never explain the reasons behind the loss of somebody we know. In November 2009, a friend of mine from back home in Malta passed away in a tragic accident. He was only 16 years old. I remember him full of life, always hyper, very loving and caring and mainly he wanted to influence the people he was around with his positive energy. That same week I found out about his death I told myself.. “I need to write a song about Sam. About his life! That it may be an inspiration to others”… and that’s when I started writing “Young Samuel”. This song has been a work in progress and I can finally say that after 5 months of going back and forth on it it’s actually finished.

In loving memory of Samuel Attard Montalto.

“YOUNG SAMUEL”  lyrics
A young soul.. a zealous heart caught in the midst of time. Where has he gone? I search but I can’t find the answers to this. I’m overwhelmed by thoughts on why this happened. I’m blank… so blank… //Young Samuel close your eyes and rest. Forever is a beauty key they say, and watch over the ones that miss you dearly with each passing day. Till the time comes again sleep well// There is another place to go. Just take my hand and follow, just take my hand and you will see the beauty of this world.. the beauty of your face. Faith will overcome this fear that you hate.. you will see.//Young Samuel close your eyes and rest. Forever is a beauty key they say, and watch over the ones that miss you dearly with each passing day. Till the time comes again sleep well// Your life was full of light for everyone to see. You had a heart of gold, full of humility, but now you’re gone and this is your song. //Young Samuel close your eyes and rest. Forever is a beauty key they say, and watch over the ones that miss you dearly with each passing day. Till the time comes again sleep well//

I grew up with Samuel. I remember him when he was just a toddler, but of course I hung out with his sisters more. I was in disbelief when I heard about his tragic death. It usually hits you hard when it’s someone you know. I’ll always remember him as that mischievous boy always planning something remotely evil to annoy his sisters and got away with murder =) But he had a heart of gold and was such an affectionate boy who gave hugs out like candy.  I hope his family will enjoy the song. And as Leah said be an inspiration to others.

Scarlet Drop is going to Egypt!

March 11, 2010 - 2 Responses

Hey guys!! I know I said on FACEBOOK we would do a video blog, but we figured watching us talk about it would bore you =)  EGYPT!!!!!!! We’ve had LOOOOOOOOOOADS of people asking us about this tour! How did you get it? Who did you contact? Why Egypt?  It all starts at Sweden Rock Festival where we met Massive Scar Era. They are the ONLY female metal band in Egypt and got to play at Sweden Rock a day before us =) They really liked us and wanted us to play in Egypt, but when we found out how much it was going to cost us to go there well we had to turn the opportunity down.. We don’t have that kinda money =(  Simon, however had a brilliant idea and gave a shot in contacting the Swedish Institute in Alexandria and asked them if maybe they would like to sponsor the trip? And to our surprise they weren’t only interested in sponsoring the trip but got inspired to create a festival that supports female artists! And we were like…wooooooaaaaaw! If you know anything of Egyptian culture you’ll know that this festival is an AWESOME thing. We‘ll be touring with our friends Fourever who are also from Sweden and we’ll be staying for a week and during this time we will be taking part in some workshops, a chance for us to encourage women in music and support them. And after the festival in Alexandria we’ll travel to Cairo to play at Al-sawy Culture Wheel.  We PROMISE to film everything and put an awesome documentary up on our YOUTUBE page =)

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We haven’t updated in a while… shame on us! What’s new?  I guess we can say that we went to the finals at “Popkorn”, local battle-of-the-bands type competition here in our home town =) That was a big surprise for us =) We competed about 2 years ago and we didn’t go that far. We started out with 24 bands and now only 6 bands compete in the final and there’s only one winner. What the prices are.. I have no idea. But yeah, if you live in Helsingborg or close we perform again on the 17th march =) We’re going to make this our best show yet, regardless the results =)

New music that inspires us!

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These last days there have been 2 bands that I’ve listened to frequently. One is a new band here from Sweden that has merely released a demo, Dawn Arise! We actually played with them in Jönköping and although
I missed most of the show found them awesome, they re-kindled my interest in deathcore or whatever they call it these days 🙂
I think I enjoy listening because their sound reminds me of my 2 great discoveries when I grew up: Metal and Nintendo! (NES 8-bit, the old stuff 🙂
I have no idea if they are inspired by the soundtracks of videogames but I find the a lot of the melodious guitar part reminiscent of the melodies from Castlevania or something like that?
The second band would be Finntroll! with the folk-music influences… They use accordions and stuff combined with some form of black metal, lyrics about trolls, forests, primitive weapons, and Viking legend type stuff.  Yes, it is probably considered weird by most but to me that’s a good thing!

As for me. lately I have listened to and been inspired a lot by Dead By April, I discovered this band during our last trip to Germany and have been hooked ever since! Otherwise I listen to my regulars Symphony X, Narnia and David Phelps.

Lady Gaga is the fresh sound.. but she’s not a band.. and Simon would slap me for even mentioning this. 😛
Ok, ok, around 2 months ago my “little” 13 yr old brother dedicated a song to us. He encouraged us, and the song that filled him with inspiration was “You’re not alone” by band Saosin, which means small heart, as well as “be careful” in Chinese. Call me EMOtional, but I got chills when I heard the chorus. As I checked this post-hardcore band’s music on Spotify I fell in love with their sound. On first impressions they might sound like the other million bands out there, but I really like the aura that enhances their music. Not to mention, their lyrics are full of hope and life aspects.

*slaps leah* 🙂

My inspiration lately would have to be Fireflight.. I got hooked on their video blogs and took a big interest in them when I watched them on youtube on “front row live” , apparently someone uploaded the whole show in 11 videos… Now, the music in itself is pretty rock.. but there are some riffs I love and I love their stage performance… AND the bassist and guitarist are married which I thought was cool seeing simon and I are married =) Then my taste can twirl just like that and I could be very inspired by Lily Allen. Weird I know but good music is good music. “ I could say” is such a good song… but I always say, if were to play in a band that already exists and is awesome… it’s RED! They have the best combination of hard metal riffs and beautiful melodies.

New Pedal!

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Last week the band drove around 2 hours north to get to the little town of Gnosjö. We had a sweet little show. A nice organizer and enthusiastic new fans! We decided to stay the weekend up there since Simon’s folks live just an hour from where we played. It was a nice get away weekend from our regular monday to friday jobs!

Ok, so as usual the impulsive side of me took over. For starters, Graz and I have been talking about upgrading our rig [musician’s equipment] for a while now. We want easier ways to make travelling lighter… i.e.. the reason why we’ve  been discussing having pedals instead of all our effects in the guitar top, which is so bulky and heavy. So to cut a long  story short.. I went to a store and checked out a pedal board I’ve had my eyes on for a while. I read a bunch of reviews  before and checked some sounds online, but had never tried it. Within 30 mins, I purchased the long awaited pedal I’ve been wanting. And now I’m super excited to see the results for our live shows!

To get the real sound out of the pedal it should be plugged into a huge guitar cabinet [amplifier], but since we were at Simon’s folks, I made do with what I found.. or might I say.. GRAZ made do with what she found!

Check the linked video to know exactly what I’m talking about. 😛 Enjoy!

Gnosjö here we come!

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After not playing live for like several weeks we are dying to get up there again! First gig this decade is in a tiny town called Gnosjö, known in Sweden for its entrepreneurial spirit. We havent been there before and its always cool to put another town on the list of were we’ve been!

Entreprunumial what? anyhow.. YAY!!!!! Gig tomorrow finally.. I bought a new outfit just for the occasion 😀